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Trendy, Healthy Blonde Hair

By Teri at Salon Sogno, Apr 27 2017 12:01PM

You may be sensing that Spring is just around the corner, although, so far, it has been a little hit or miss. Good news, I can assure you that it’s coming. How do I know? Simple. My blonde clients are beginning to come in to brighten up their look.

Alicia, an Athletic Trainer at Holy Cross, came to see me in early April. She was leaving for Florida in two weeks and literally said, “I’m ready;” code for intensifying her blonde color. Adding blonde highlights is a way to brighten up your color, perk up your look and shake the winter doldrums. We are all so ready to get back outside and look like we have spent some time in the sun. You, too, may be ready to “lighten up” in the next few weeks as the fine weather gets a foothold in the Northeast.

Alicia Before
Alicia Before

Alicia and I talked about the lift she feels she gets after her hair is colored. She’s not imaging this. In layman’s terms, the cuticle of healthy hair gets very packed in. When we color, we do alter the texture of your hair. In a way, the cuticle gets pulls apart a little as the chemical does it work.

Sounds a little scary, but have no fear, modern lightening products have come a long way. If you have good hair care habits, your hair will look beautiful. It is important for blondes to be attentive to the areas of their hair where they experience breakage. The thinner hair around my face is prone to break if I am not careful.

For some helpful hair care tips, read my blog from last week.

Now about blonde hair. If you love blonde hair, you can be blonde for the rest of your life and you can wear it every season of the year. If you’re like most women, you want to be able to make some changes to your look throughout the year. And, I really think it’s important that you do. We can change the tone of the color by adding a darker tint. Or, we can add some low-lights or let your own low-lights come through.

If you don’t make subtle changes to your look throughout the seasons you may eventually go in to your salon feeling like you have to do something more dramatic; looking for a big change. This is the moment where I really try to engage my customers about why they are unhappy with their hair and discuss all of their options. Of course, we can make your hair red, brown or even darker. I love when my clients want to try new things. Hair is fun and expressive, let’s make a change if that’s what you want. I just like to talk about how a new color or cut will change the way you have to maintain your hair.

As we get older, our hair becomes weaker. That’s why I try to help my customers find a happy place with their hair. The subtle blonde changes I mentioned earlier will help to keep things interesting. Styles change, we all need to adapt to new looks. We do, however, have to find a version of each new style that works with your hair type and facial structure. I have a customer that comes in every spring for highlights in her light brown hair. The hair looks great, but with her lighter skin she quickly begins to feel like she has become one color and as she spends time in the sun, her hair lightens further. I have learned that when I am working with her hair, I have to make sure that I create a contrast between the tone of her skin and hair. In order to get that blonde that she is looking for we lighten the ends of her hair using a technique called Balayage.

Alicia, the model in this blog, has light brown hair and has been adding highlights for years. She sees herself as a blonde but has great natural low-lights (Ah, youth!). After I added the highlights, I used a glaze on her hair. A glaze has a little bit of pigment without the stronger chemicals that are associated with hair lightening. It coats the hair, deposit and locks in color, and adds shine. Because there is a coolness to the pigment, it helps my blonde clients avoid brassiness while staying right on trend. I use it on my classic blondes to give them that natural golden tone.

Brassiness is a real concern for Alicia and she loves that her glaze lasts for a month or more. As an Athletic Trainer, she spends so much time outdoors all seasons of the year and we all know the effect the sun can have on our color. This visit, I trimmed the ends of her hair and added a little bit of layering adding volume during her blow-out with a round brush. Alicia has very soft, fine hair. I worked my brush on each section rounding the brush in the opposite direction to give her style a little more lift.

Many of our blondes are loving the blue and purple shampoos. This helps to maintain the cooler tone in your hair. It is a slight tint of pigment and will look blue or purple on your hands, but fabulous in your hair. I can’t keep the product on my shelf.

Are you a blonde at heart? Is this your happy hair place? Here’s my suggestion, let’s work with the color you already have. In the winter and fall, when you lose the natural tan that you absorbed through piles of sunscreen we’ll add contrast to the tone of your color. In the spring and summer, we’ll cool the color down a little bit and let the warmth of your skin pour through.

Alicia After
Alicia After

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