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By Teri at Salon Sogno, May 2 2017 12:53PM

Christina came in to the studio last week looking for an updated look. She is taking a job at an auction house in New York City this summer where a fashionable, modern style is nearly a must. She brought me several pictures that she found on the internet; all of them versions of the same edgy style.

I love these moments. Love them.

I love when my clients come in looking for a change. And, I know how important it is to dress the part, especially when starting a new career. Christina wanted to go in to her new role in a new city with confidence. She picked some photos with very fashionable hair, clothes and sunglasses and asked me to give her hair the needed update.

The style is a very blunt bob, edgy, slightly face framing, with loose curl. She has a wonderful facial structure, long, with an olive complexion. She had been wearing her hair one length, below her shoulders for years a style that does elongate the shape of the face. We talked about how this new length would change the dimensions around her face and accentuate her beautiful jaw line.

We also talked about how she would need to change her styling technique. Women with long hair can fall back on a pony tail if pressed for time. A bun, a low pull at the nape, or a high pony are quick and easy ways to dress up a look. Christina will still be able to pull her hair up, but she will want to wear her hair down more often in the workplace, as fashion suggests.

Additionally, with this new cut, she can wear her hair straight, since her hair is soft without much wave, or manufacture a little curl. To get the wavier look, she will want to use one of the new “no blow-dry” styling products. These contain polymers that ring out the hair allowing the hair to dry faster. She can also take a few extra minutes to wrap the hair around a curling rod. (See below for a cool tip). She will want a texturizing product like Redken Wax Blast though there are many brands available.

I cut her hair straight with a slight angle forward. I always, always, always start by cutting a little, reviewing the look with the client and then, if the client is comfortable, cut a little more. (This may take a little longer but if your stylist is working for you than she or he should be working with you.) She put her fingers through the hair and played with it in the mirror, which is so important. I wanted her to use her senses to evaluate the cut; see it and feel it. Sometimes I even ask my clients to stand up, without the cape, and really look at themselves.

I blew her hair dry, again turning the brush at the ends for a little natural wave. We both loved the face framing, natural look. Then, I added some long, loose curl with a curling iron. Here’s what is so great about the newer style for long curls – you don’t need to curl the ends. Simply wrap the hair around the rod and hold the last ¾” to 1” in your fingers. No chance of burning your fingers with this technique and your curl will have that longer look that everyone is working for.

Christina contacted me the next day and told me she was really excited about the cut. In fact, she told me, “I can’t stop touching it.” This is the measure of success. When a style feels right, you just know it. The real test will be whether or not she enjoys spending the extra time that she needs to spend to get “the google look.”

Remember, we started the conversation with an important question. Do you see yourself spending more time each day styling your hair? When you go to your salon with a suggestion for a new look, remember to ask how much time it will take to achieve that style. And, evaluate your own life. Do you want a 45 minute a day style when you only have 10 minutes to do it?

One last tip: if you need a little help, take advantage of your salon's blow dry specials and get your hair done ahead of the weekend. That puts you in charge just two or three days per week.


Theresa Trotto

Salon Sogno Owner