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By Teri at Salon Sogno, Apr 18 2017 11:24AM

Theresa Trotto and one of her favorite clients
Theresa Trotto and one of her favorite clients

As a hair-dresser, I have to keep my color and style fresh and on trend. Like so very many of you, I am moving fast all day long. I sometimes catch my image in the mirror in the middle of the afternoon and try to remember when I last took a moment to deep condition my hair.

That’s when I remember to slow down a moment during the weekend and take some time out of the day to work on me. Exercise, fresh fruits and vegetables, a facial and a little time for my hair and I am ready for the week ahead.

Here’s my hair care list. Some of these steps are so simple, yet they are really important.

1. Eat foods for your hair. Healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables will strengthen your hair and add shine. Supplement you diet with vitamins that target the health of your hair and skin. I take a multi-vitamin so that I get A, B-complex, C, D and E.

2. Comb through conditioner. In order for the conditioner to reach the entire shaft of every piece of hair, you have to use either a wide comb or my favorite thing, a wet brush. Do this in the shower before you rinse.

3. Deep condition your hair once a week. The environment itself and the dry conditions in the buildings where we have spent the winter have taken a toll on our hair and skin. Add a layer of protection with a deep conditioner like this Pureology masque.

4. Let your hair dry a little. Take a few extra moments to towel dry your hair or if time allows, let it dry a little while you get ready for the day. Your hair will be shinier and healthier if you can find a way to spend a little less time with your heating elements.

5. Brush your hair carefully. I see women making this mistake all the time. Start at the bottom of your hair and gently brush out the bottom tangles, then move up toward the top of your crown. Hair can break so easily and I can see the results of what I call “urgent brushing” in breakages around the hairline.

6. Use heat protection products. This is another important step. You’ll actually get better results with your flat-iron or rod and preserve some of the natural oils in your hair. We carry several products in the salon that I suggest including: Redken Pillow Proof spray and serum, S Factor by Tigi for flat ironing and the Pureology multi-tasking spray for overall protection.

7. Be careful with your pony tail. If you wear a ponytail every day your hair is going to break. Color treated hair is fragile hair. Pull it up softly and loosely. And always pull it out as soon as you can and let it rest. If you sleep with your up, put it up loosely.

It can take months, or even years to grow your hair to a prescribed length. And yet, you can inadvertently damage or even break your hair in seconds. Take some time to review your habits and let me know what works for you by adding your comments below.



Theresa Trotto

Salon Sogno Owner