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Earn points and get rewarded for special purchases!

Automatic enrollment for all active clients = IOOpts

Earn 10pts for each dollar spent on retail

Earn 250pts for each referral you send our way


2000pts = $15

4000pts = $30

6000pts = $45

8000pts = $60


*Double, triple, and 25x point days

*Bonus points offers on featured products

*Contests to win bonus points


*Birthdays = 100pts

*Holidays = 100pts


Special offer:

Update your info on our records for 100 bonus points!


Points can be redeemed towards any service in our salon - no exclusions!


Loyalty points never expire, so you can keep collecting points throughout the year until you are ready to redeem. You can redeem your points at any time so long as you reach the minimum quantity of 2000pts. Points cannot be redeemed for cash. Points cannot be transferred between guests. Loyalty program is subject to change at any given time.