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Today OLAPLEX is one of the largest independent hair care brands in the world with over 100 worldwide patents. Through a grassroots approach, the brand quickly became a global sensation, paving the way for a completely new category of haircare called “bond-building."

Known as the “invention,” the Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate ingredient allowed professionals to reach new heights in color & care. Hair wasn't just healthier; it...

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Created in California in 2001, Pureology was born from a powerful idea: create the best professional products for color-treated hair. Color care without compromise is the POWER OF PUREOLOGY. They created their customized, high performance formulas while caring for the planet and animals with beauty and integrity in mind. As the pioneer of PROFESSIONAL VEGAN COLOR CARE & ZEROSULFATE® formulas, they strive to make women feel beautiful with...

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Since the beginning, Redken’s mission has been to focus on researching and developing superior products. The brand is dedicated to a scientific approach to beauty and powered by a commitment to salon education. This “Beauty Through Science” philosophy is a vital part of the brand’s heritage and has engendered many of the industry’s most technologically advanced products. Every aspect of the Redken brand is true to its unique mix of core...

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Color Wow is founded on a 25-year history of award-winning beauty product innovation. Led by Founder and CEO Gail Federici, the brand is known for identifying unmet beauty problems and resolving them with innovative solutions. Color Wow's mission is to solve every unaddressed issue related to color-treated hair, and their greatest honor is the life-changing impact their products have on women around the world.

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MATRIX, a leading professional haircare and hair color company in the United States, is part of L’Oreal USA’s Professional Products Division.

Matrix was founded in 1980 by the American husband and wife hairdressing team, Arnie and Sydell Miller. Before he founded Matrix, Mr. Miller was a hairdresser for over 20 years. Mr. Miller decided to try his hand at running a different kind of company in 1971, when he developed individually...

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L’Oréal Professionnel invents game-changing innovations, powered by science, with an obsession for human safety and hair integrity. They anchor their deep hair expertise, in technical services, made by professionals for professionals. They deliver superior products, services and experience, worth paying more for. And they were born in Paris. Paris, the city of fashion, creation, and freedom of expression.

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The Brazilian Blowout is for all hair types, whether the texture of the hair is curly, wavy, or straight. This product is designed for everyone and anyone who finds themselves with frizzy, damaged, or processed hair. Instead of forcing the hair straight, the bonding process works the natural hair texture and smooths it out, enhancing shine and eliminating frizz. If you have colored hair, the Brazilian Blowout will actually enhance the color...

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Keratin Complex® revolutionized the beauty industry in 2007 when a group of industry innovators discovered a new way to care for your hair by merging proven keratin science with cutting-edge technology. They created Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment, a first-of-its-kind smoothing treatment that pioneered the way to healthy, smooth, frizz-free hair and winner of the Favorite Smoothing Treatment by Behind the Chair Stylist Choice Award for 8...

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Pulp Riot empowers stylists to think of themselves as artists, the hair as the canvas, and provides them with the paint to create their masterpieces. Pulp Riot is the the first vibrant hair color that is also vegan, gluten-free & cruelty free!

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What began over a decade ago as a single, revolutionary product that pioneered a new category in the beauty industry, has grown into a full line of hair and body products, all infused with nourishing antioxidant-rich argan oil, signature to the brand. Dedicated to providing the highest quality hair and body products, Moroccanoil has grown into an iconic beauty brand. “We are thrilled to be celebrating over a decade of oil-infused innovation...

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The vision for Oligo Professionnel remains the crafting of healthier and safer salon exclusive products made possible by their family’s expertise, which they continue to develop with patience and care. The complex and highly sophisticated technologies used in the Oligo Professionnel series have been tested and re-tested, delivering the kind of performance, reliability, consistency, and excellence only true dedication can provide!

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For Hotheads, as innovators of the groundbreaking Tape-In Hair Extension method, it’s a concept that literally revolutionized the professional salon industry. Developed as a solution to original extension methods – known to be expensive, damaging, and hugely time-consuming – Hotheads premium, 100% Remy Human Hair extensions pioneered the concept of stunning transformations in under an hour. With innovative products, we changed the game for...